What does a writer read?  With James Boyd, we have part of the answer.

Long Hunt by James Hunt

Long Hunt by James Hunt

The James Boyd Library consists primarily of Boyd’s remaining personal book collection, augmented with copies of his own published books and works relevant to his life. 

His collection originally filled both the downstairs Library and the second floor Study (now the NC Literary Hall of Fame) and reflects Boyd’s interests in history, literature, art, music, and antiquarian books.  Boyd’s own novels were extremely well-researched, and a few of his resources still remain, some with his notes penciled in the margins.

The Belvidere Hounds

The Belvidere Hounds; Part of the James Boyd Library & Archives

Boyd had been known to say “I’d rather ride than write!” and some of the most notable books are about horses and foxhunting.

A descriptive catalog of the approximately 1300 volumes is available in the Weymouth Library in print format, as well as online here.  Books are divided by genre or subject and listed alphabetically by author.

View the James Boyd Library Catalog.

The approximately 400 books in Katharine Lamont Boyd’s collection are shelved in a second-floor office. While her interests mirrored her husbands, there are more books on journalism, contemporary politics, and travel.  They are listed alphabetically by author and are available in print format as well as online here.  

View the Katharine Lamont Boyd Collection.

Books in these collections may be viewed on site by appointment with the Weymouth Librarian.

The Weymouth Archives collects and preserves the papers and photographs of the Boyds, their family, and friends, as well as Weymouth’s organizational documents.

The Archives are not available online.

Books of Katharine Lamont Boyd

Part of the Katharine Lamont Boyd Book Collection.

For more information, please email weymouthcenter@pinehurst.net or call (910) 692-6261 during regular business hours.

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