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Celebrating 100 Years

of Literature, Music, Hospitality & Conservation.

“My parents built a house with fourteen doors, eight of them glass, looking out over the fields and trees. During my childhood these doors were always open—to friends and neighbors who came to talk about politics, farming and gardening, writing, horses and dogs, history, music, education. That’s the way my parents hoped it would always be.”

Nancy Boyd Sokoloff
Daughter of James and Katharine Boyd

“There’s always been something magical about this place that drew interesting people here. It’s as true today as it was a hundred years ago… Southern Pines is really the spiritual heart of the Sandhills…”

Norris Hodgkins
Former Mayor of Southern Pines and one of the original “Friends of Weymouth”

“This place holds a very special place in my heart so the review may be biased for that reason. In my youth the gardens were a place I took my dates to hold hands and be romantic. I rode horses in the Boyd’s Track that boarders it and now I walk there with the family and my dog all year round. The whole place is a true jewel which I hope Southern Pines and the N.C. Park Service protect and nourish for generations to come.”

Stephen Sherman

“Really gorgeous grounds hidden away in Southern Pines. Lots of walking trails and pet friendly, this is a great place to spend a day.”

Ted Kostich Jr.

“Beautiful venue, went for an open air dance performance and loved how the performance utilizes the gardens there. Would recommend this venue for any open air concerts, weddings, dancing, small craft fairs or just to casually stroll the seasonal gardens and paths.”

Deborah Cooley
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