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Check out this short video and discover why Weymouth’s 100-year-old historic Boyd House surrounded by 26 acres of magnificent gardens and grounds is the perfect place to begin your happily ever after…


Literature. Music. Conservation.

The story of Weymouth is a continuous narrative of conservation, literature, music, and hospitality.

“Around Easter in 1904, a Pennsylvania industrialist and sportsman named James Boyd stepped off the train to spend the night in Southern Pines with his family. He took a carriage ride to have a look at one of the last stands of original longleaf trees. Both sportsman and naturalist, he quietly purchased 2,000 acres and set about constructing his winter home he named Weymouth, after his favorite estate in England. He had no idea the transformation he enacted.” James Dodson (OurState Magazine)

In order to preserve and protect the Boyd House and its beautiful surroundings, Friends of Weymouth was chartered as a nonprofit corporation in 1977 and purchased the home and grounds in 1979 to establish a cultural center.

The Weymouth Center stands with our Black Community, local, statewide and beyond. We denounce systemic racism and violence against Black lives. We believe diversity is essential in literature and culture and we will continue to promote, honor, and nurture the voices of our black writers, poets, playwrights, song writers and musicians. Inclusivity is important to us and we are committed to continually educating ourselves on how to better serve our community, in its full variety of humanity.


Please click on this image to hear a poem written and read by the North Carolina Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green.

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 and Variant Protocols: ● Masks are required at all times inside the Boyd House. If needed, Weymouth can provide you with a mask. Guests attending/ participating in outdoor receptions are not required to wear masks outside. ● Social Distancing Outside – When possible and appropriate, all are encouraged to conduct Weymouth business outside, and to maintain social distancing. ● When the doors to the Great Room must be closed due to inclement/cold weather, the audience in the Great Room is limited to 30 to allow for 6 feet of social distancing between chairs. ● Receptions are allowed, and may be held outside on the veranda. ● A COVID-19 and Variant Liability Waiver is included with every contract, and must be signed by performer, venue rental client or meeting organizer prior to events. ● A thermometer for self-administered temperature checks is available inside the front and back entrances to the Boyd House. ● Hand sanitizer is available. ● The Boyd house is cleaned in full weekly, on the Monday of each week. ● Air filters will be changed after every event.

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Weymouth Gardens & Longleaf Pines

We invite you to visit the Weymouth Gardens & Longleaf Pines. The Weymouth Gardens are maintained by our volunteer Dirt Gardeners and sustained by donations and fundraisers. The gardens are open daily and there is no charge to visit. If there are events scheduled signs will be posted. Group and individual tours are available. Please call (910) 692-6261 for information or to schedule a docent tour. 


James Boyd House

The Boyd House is open to the public from 10 AM – 2 PM, Monday through Friday. This beautiful Georgian style manor house may be accessed via the main entrance, closest to the parking lot. There is a self-guided tour which includes interesting points about the house, its occupants and its many notable visitors. Occasionally there may be an event during the day which may cause a room or two to be closed for its duration.

This photo shows the main entrance on the west side of the house.


N.C. Literary Hall of Fame

The North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame honors the state’s rich literary heritage. It was authorized by joint resolution of the General Assembly in 1993 and formally established by a grant from the NC Department of Cultural Resources for the North Carolina Writers’ Network. The Literary Hall of Fame is open to the public, Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 2 PM. Group and individual tours are available. Please call (910) 692-6261 for information or to schedule a docent tour.

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Best known for his Revolutionary War novel Drums, James Boyd made Weymouth the seat of the Southern Literary Renaissance. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe were regular visitors. Weymouth is also home to the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame.

Today, Weymouth provides opportunities for writers by offering residencies, the Cos Barnes Fellowship, an annual writing contest, plus other events throughout each year. The James Boyd Book Club meets monthly and always welcomes new members.

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James Boyd used to invite friends over for drinks and songs on the front porch. There’s even a songbook in the Boyd Library with the lyrics they wrote together.
In true testament to the Weymouth spirit, musical appreciation is alive and well today. Drop in on a monthly Musicians Jam Session. Listen to nationally and internally renowned classical performers as part of our Classical Music Sundays Concert Series. Take part in our popular annual events like the Young Musicians Festival or live concerts like Sounds on the Grounds and New Music Festival of the Pines.
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At its most extensive, the estate of James Boyd included over 1500 acres. While Weymouth is somewhat smaller than that today, we still invite you to tour the cultural landscape of the Weymouth gardens. The grounds of Weymouth are maintained by our Dirt Gardeners.

The Boyd House is open for tours and groups are welcome.

Our conservation efforts are also supported by your generous donations.

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