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  • Weeping cherry tree and daffodils in early spring
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Become a Weymouth Dirt Gardener!

daisies and hydrangeaThe Weymouth gardens are a defining feature of our landscape. Originally designed by landscape architect, Alfred Yeomans, the gardens were restored by Elizabeth `Buffie’ Stevenson Ives and Helen Greene, an active local gardener. Since then they have been kept up entirely by volunteers with financial help from the local garden clubs and generous private contributions.

Two parallel long beds filled with bulbs, perennials, and annuals are loved by all who visit. The beds lead to two pools filled with a beautiful array of tropical lotuses and water lilies. They are backed by a serpentine wall copied from Jefferson’s home at Monticello. Weeping Japanese Cherry Trees bring a special magic to the gardens when they are in full bloom in early spring.


Get Involved in the Conservation Effort

The Weymouth Center Dirt Gardeners welcome anyone who enjoys gardening and who can work for a few hours on either Tuesday or Friday mornings–all gardening, no meetings! No experience is required.

For information about becoming a Dirt Gardener Volunteer, please call (910) 692-6261 or email us at

The Weymouth Annual Plant Sale

The Weymouth Plant and White Elephant Sale are held each April to benefit the Weymouth Center.

Throughout the year, the Weymouth Dirt Gardeners prepare for the April Plant Sale, propagating and collecting donated annuals. The plants endure a winter at Weymouth and are selected for novice and experienced gardeners alike so that they can thrive in the harsh conditions of the Sandhills.

Plant Donations

Fall is the best time to divide your perennials. The Weymouth Dirt Gardeners welcome donations of perennials, shrubs, and trees for our annual April Plant Sale. Donated plants may be delivered to the back of the house on our regular gardener work days, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Please identify any plant with color, etc.

Donations of garden-related items (books, garden decor, tools, etc.) are also welcome for our White Elephant sale.

For additional information or help, please call (910) 692-6261 or email us at We can help dig and transfer perennials.

All proceeds from the sale benefit the Weymouth Center.

Read more about the Cultural Landscape Report Part I & II here.

Learn more about Weymouth Center’s ongoing Conservation efforts.

Visit the Weymouth Gardens.

Join the Weymouth family of volunteers! 

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