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“Linny is a Southern woman who has been taught to be sweet, but she is tenacious. Good manners and handwritten notes are not going to get her out of pickle she’s in. When Linny gets knocked down by her badly behaved husband, she gets up, brushes herself off and comes back stronger. I appreciate her courage, her sense of humor, and her good taste in friends.”

Sweet Southern Hearts by Susan Schild
Author photo of Susan Schild
Susan Schild will read from Sweet Southern Hearts on Monday, September 25.

So Susan Schild describes her heroine, appearing for the third time in Sweet Southern Hearts. 

Schild will read from her work at Weymouth Center’s next Writer-in-Residence Reading on Monday, September 25.

Schild writes novels with a romantic theme, but “I didn’t want to write stories with romance that feature men and women googly-eyed over each other, solely focused on love, or with too much description of kissing, etc. I aim to keep the romance in the story clean, keep it realistic, and to remind folks that love after forty is a bit more complicated (and far more lovely in ways) than love you experience in your twenties.”  She wants her readers to experience “Hopefulness, a laugh, a reminder that there are a lot of good folks out there just like them.  I also want the women over forty to know that there are all sorts of adventures and fun to be had, that they can fall in love with their better halves all over again, and, if they’re looking for a new love, there are some top-notch candidates out there tapping a foot impatiently and waiting for them.”

She believes Southern women are unique because of “their quiet strength, practical world view, soft way of saying hard things, colorful sayings, and gifted preparation of regional favorites. In my writing, I have enough references to barbecue, fried chicken, bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and pecan pie to make readers hungry!” And friends.  Linny “has the best girlfriends – funny, irreverent, smart, and loyal. I want to be friends with sweet sister Kate, blunt Mary Catherine and whip-smart attorney Diamond.”

Sweet Southern Hearts was chosen by Redbook Magazine as a Must Read.  Susan Schild first began writing while in her forties after attending a writing program at Meredith College. She received her graduate degree from University of North Carolina and worked as a psychotherapist and a management consultant before becoming a writer.

Susan Schild will read at 5:30 pm in the Great Room on Monday, September 24.

A light reception to meet the author sponsored by St. Joseph of the Pines will follow and books will be for sale courtesy of The Country Bookshop.  The program is free and open to the public.

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