Regulations for the Use of the Weymouth Center

Renter Responsibilities

1.  PLANNING SESSION:  Renter is responsible for scheduling an appointment with Weymouth’s Property Manager, Alex Klalo, at least four (4) weeks prior to the event to plan and confirm the necessary set-up and clean-up schedule. Call (910) 692-1977 from 8.30am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday. The caterer should be included in the planning session.

2.  AREA TO BE USED: Renter agrees that only the areas specified in AREA TO BE USED on page one will be accessible to Renter, Guests, Caterers, Florist, Band, and all other non-employees involved in the event. Evidence of additional use will result in forfeiture of all or part of the security fee or other fine.

3.  KITCHEN USE: Professional catering services only. Cooking is not permitted on the grounds or in the house except in the kitchen, or with permission from the property manager. Kitchen may not be left unattended while stove or oven is in use. Members of catering staff or representative of business, individual or organization utilizing the premises must remain in the house while the stove or oven is in use. Intention of Kitchen Use must be reflected in AREA TO BE USED on page one. Light Kitchen includes only use of sinks, ice machine, commercial fridge and counter prep areas. Evidence of additional use will result in forfeiture of all or part of the security fee.

4.  alcoholic beverages:  If the Renter chooses to serve alcohol the Renter is responsible for each guest’s behavior during and following the consumption of alcohol. Please see that your event is a safe and happy one in accordance with legal restrictions. 

5.  ALCOHOL PERMITS ARE REQUIRED (if alcohol is to be served).  If a caterer provides alcohol, then the caterer is responsible for alcohol permit. If Renter provides alcohol, then the Renter must provide alcohol permit and insurance umbrella for alcohol. (Required policy of $1 Million for personal events such as weddings and $2 million for commercial events where alcohol will be served or sold. See #12.)

6.  RENTER and RENTER’s caterer and florist are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of Weymouth during the period of use. All rooms and grounds must be left as they were found. All flowers, decorations, food/drink containers, etc., must be removed.

7.  CLEAN-UP SCHEDULEmust be confirmed with the Property Manager in advance. Floors must be broom swept. The caterer will be responsible for trash removal to the outside trash enclosure. Trash must be secured in garbage bags. Recycling containers are available. If clean-up is not complete, Renter forfeits entire security fee.

8.  TENTS & EQUIPMENT must be from an approved service provider. Property Manager must be included in the tent/equipment placement process. The fee to set up a tent is $100 per tent.

9.   PORTABLE TOILETS are required for outside events greater than 75 guests. For 76-150 guests, two (2) portable toilets must be provided by the Renter. One must be handicap accessible. For 151-300 guests, four (4) portable toilets must be provided by the Renter. One must be handicap accessible.

10.  DAMAGES:  The Renter shall reimburse the Weymouth Center for damage to any and all objects housed within Weymouth and on the premises. Excessive damages may be billed accordingly. Any known damage incurred during an event shall be reported by the Renter to the Weymouth office on the first business day after the event. Part or all of the Security Fee may be withheld if minor damages can be remedied within that amount.

11.  FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  Renter is financially responsible for all staff or services required in catering, decorating, set-up and removal thereof, including rental equipment and/or personal items left on the premises. Weymouth assumes no liability for these items.

12.  INSURANCE: Renter to provide Sixty (60) days prior to the event, a Certificate of Insurance for General Liability in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, naming Friends of Weymouth, Inc., as the Additional Insured party for the date(s) of the event.

13.  Children must be closely supervised at all times.

Renter Restrictions

1.  ROOM ACCESS:  The second floor and specifically the St. Andrews Conference Room is to be used for Full-Day Reception/Wedding Ceremony rentals and Conference Room rentals ONLY.  Other areas and rooms that are not part of the rental agreement may not be entered.

2.  FURNITURE:  No furniture (other than the folding chairs and wrought iron furniture) may be moved without the prior approval of the Property Manager. This restriction applies to the piano, rugs, sofas, lamps, tables, pictures, etc.  Weymouth’s folding chairs may be used on the verandas, but not on the grounds. Flower arrangements must be used with mats underneath to protect the furniture. Place nothing on the piano; it is to be used as a musical instrument and never as a serving table. The two lamps in the Great Room and the large blue pottery vase on the staircase may not be moved.

3.  NO SMOKING:  Weymouth Center is a nonsmoking campus. Smoking materials or evidence of smoking found on the grounds during or after event will require the Renter to forfeit the security fee.

4.  ROOM CAPACITY:  According to the Fire Marshall, the maximum standing capacity of the Great Room is 163.  The maximum theatre style seated capacity is 100. The maximum table seated capacity is 66.

5.  CARE OF PREMESIS:  Renter will take special care that beer bottles, cans and other containers NOT be dropped on the grounds, the entrance way, or in the parking lot.

6.  WEYMOUTH CONTENTS:  Weymouth’s inventory of linen, china, glassware and flatware is NOT a part of the rental agreement.

7.  NOISE:  Because Weymouth is located in a residential district and local noise ordinances apply, musical entertainment must be kept at a reasonable level. The Yamaha piano is tuned on a regular basis, but Weymouth will arrange additional tuning at the request and expense of the Renter. The tuning fee is $100.

8.  PARKING:  Parking must be in the approved lot from the E. Connecticut Avenue entrance. The circle drive in front of the main entrance is a fire lane and should be used only for deliveries.

9.  FIREPLACES:  Fireplaces are not operational and shall not be used.

10.  CANDLES:  Candles must be dripless and covered. They may only be used in the Great Room, Dining Room and on outside tables.

11.  CONFETTI:  Only birdseed be used as confetti, and use is confined to outside only. Confetti, rice, flower petals, etc., MAY NOT BE USED due to the difficulty of cleanup and the hazards to area birds and wildlife. 

12.  FIREWORKS/SPARKLERS:  No fireworks or sparklers are allowed on the premises.

Additional Notes

Weymouth reserves the right to schedule concurrent events.

Writers-In-Residence may be staying on the second floor. Please respect their privacy. Writers-In Residence quarters are off limits to renters and guests.

You might not have access to Weymouth on the day before your event as there could be another event scheduled on that day. Please check with the Property Manager about access.

Weymouth is a non-smoking campus.

Evidence of smoking materials may result in forfeiture of the security deposit.

Weymouth is not handicapped accessible.

Please open .SAMPLE RENTAL CONTRACT file at top of page for complete rental agreement information.

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