Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities

2019 Moore County Writing Competition

antique typewriterSince 1986, Weymouth has hosted the Annual Moore County Writing Competition, underwritten by the Donald and Elizabeth Cooke Foundation.

The competition seeks to promote writing throughout Moore County and honor the work that goes into creating superior writing.

Cash prizes are awarded to first, second and third place winners; honorable mentions receive a certificate. Winning entries are printed in a special publication that is made available at Weymouth and The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines.

LiteraryEXPRESS : Moore County Writing Contest Winners Announced!



“The Early Years of our Presidency – With Power, Pride, and Honor” By J. Edwin Cockman

Grades 5 – 8:​ 

​”My Winter Wonderland Trip to Williamsburg” By Leah Johnson

“Dolphins” By Veronica Cheechov



“Remember the Magic” By Andrew Stilwell

Grades 9 – 12: No prizes

Grades 5 – 8:

“Lillian’s Dream” By Meagan Dwyer

Grades 1- 4: 

“Above The Ground” By Isla Grace Riggsbee



“Cucumbers on the Wire” By Lauren Blake

Grades 9 – 12: No prizes

Grades 5 – 8: 

“21 Balloons” By London McKinnis

Grades 1- 4: 

“Eggs and Fish” By Joy Bartee

These were the guidelines for the 2019 LiteraryEXPRESS Writing Competition:


The competition is open to students and residents of Moore County, NC

Entry Categories:

Poetry—60 lines maximum

Fiction—3,000 words maximum

Nonfiction—3,000 words maximum

Age Groups:

Grades 1-4

Grades 5-8

Grades 9-12



The following awards will be presented for each age group within each entry category.

First Place-$100

Second Place-$50

Third Place-$25

Honorable Mention – Certificate of Merit

Deadline January 30, 2019, 5:00 p.m.

Reception date: April 14, 2019.

Winners will be contacted via email.

Specific Entry Format

All entrants must follow all entry format and submission guidelines.

    1. Entries must be original, unpublished, and not currently entered in other competitions.
    2. One entry, per person, in each category.
    3. Entries must not exceed the stated word limit which is: Poetry—60 lines maximum; Fiction—3,000 words maximum; Nonfiction—3,000 words maximum
    4. Font: 12 point Times New Roman or Arial. Maximum 6 pages single spaced or 12 pages double spaced.
    5. Digital format only. Email pdf to weymouth.literaryexpress@gmail.com
    6. Send one file per entry: the cover page should be included with the pdf. See Cover page instructions below. We will remove identifiable information from the cover page prior to judging.
    7. On each page after the cover page include only the title of your entry and the page number, starting with #1.  Do not include information that may identify the author.

Cover page should contain these items in black:

Entry Title

Author’s name

Author’s home address

Author’s phone number and email address

Entry Category

Age Group (if a student, please include the name of your school,  teacher’s name and teacher’s contact email)

Word Count of Entry

Please – no color, photos or graphics.

Submissions Guidelines

For all submissions:

  1. Your name/identifying information should only appear on the cover page. This competition uses a blind judging format. Cover page information will be removed prior to judging so the author’s name is not on the work as it is being read.
  2. No need to send separate cover page – please keep cover page and entry together in a single pdf.
  3. Entries become the property of Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities.
  4. Please ensure you include all requested entry information, as entries with missing information, or not meeting the submission guidelines, will be disqualified.
  5. Choose the correct age and contest category.
  6. Entrants must be from Moore County, NC.

Winning entries will be included in a special writers’ publication available at Weymouth Center, The Country Bookshop and the Weymouth Center has first publication rights and reserves the right to edit or excerpt manuscripts before publication.