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piano and saxophoneAlive! Celebrates the talent of young musicians and the cutting-edge work of young, current classical composers. 

Locally born, Tyler Young, saxophone and William Hueholt, piano, return to Weymouth Center for a cutting-edge take on classical music. 

They performed last summer to a capacity filled room and this year’s June 19 concert promises to be just as energetic.  Young explains why this music isn’t stuffy; “I think the outlying factor about what makes the genre stuffy at times is the manner in which it is delivered to an audience. The genre has fallen into an “elitist rut” so to speak- almost giving an air of importance that surpasses its supporting crowd. Making classical music exciting and opening a dialogue with people from all walks of life is what the Third Stream Duo does. People should come to concerts that re-energize, inspire, fix internal turmoil- come to concerts that make you feel better walking out than you did walking in. Classical music can change your life; it just needs to be represented in that way. Also, new music is where it’s at!”

Sponsored by the Young Affiliates, Weymouth presents young local talents within the world of the arts and humanities each summer.

Tyler Young is an Aberdeen native currently studying for his masters at Michigan State University and a graduate of the acclaimed Florida State University Music program with a BM in Saxophone Performance. “Teaching at a University is still the ultimate goal for me, it has always been that way. I see myself traveling down different paths in order to get there, such as working in arts administration for example. As for the near future, I am enjoying my studies at Michigan State University so much I would like to continue through a doctorate degree there.”

William Hueholt is a UNC Greensboro graduate with a BM in Piano Performance and a Double major in German.  Playing with the UNCG School of Music Symphony Orchestra and as a soloist at UNC Wilmington and the community Concert Series, Hueholt is a freelance accompanist.  He remembers “falling in love with playing–I was 15, having just attended my first summer music festival came back from that festival with a hunger to learn and started devouring everything I could find about music and the piano. Music making is vital to my happiness. I’ve tried to convince myself that music isn’t worth the risk, or the trouble, or the pain.  And I’ve never succeeded.  I love performing–always have, always will–but I also love teaching people about music.   Music is so endlessly fascinating, and I want to pass on the boundless enthusiasm that I feel for it.”

Alive! features the work of three young composers alive today:  Keaton Garrett, Will Healy, and Piet Swerts. 

Garrett attends Michigan State University, Healy is a recent graduate of Julliard and Swerts has been on the compositional scene for some time.  The combination of the musical choices and the friendship of the two young performers make this concert a unique and exciting experience. Young shares, “There’s something to be said about playing with the right people. These are people you care highly about and want to see succeed more than yourself at times. William and I seem to converse on a level of sound that is hard to find- that is when you know collaboration needs to be nurtured and prioritized.”

The concert is Tuesday, June 19, at 7 pm in the Great Room with a light wine and cheese reception to meet the artists. 

Tickets are $10 members/$15 nonmembers and are available at the door or by calling (910) 692-6261. 

Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities in a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and home to the NC Literary Hall of Fame.

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