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Moore County Writers' Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 Moore County Writers’ Contest!

With over 200 entries, in three categories and with ages ranging from six-years-old to adult, this year’s contest proved yet again that Moore County continues to follow its tradition of literary greatness.

This year marked a first for the Writers’ Contest. It officially went digital. Entries were not only delivered via paper and ink but also through an online submission system,, used by professional writers in the industry. The first through third place winners and honorable mentions in each category–Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry–were published in both paperback and epub format. The 2017 winners and their guests received paperback copies at the Awards Reception on Sunday, April 30th, at the Boyd House.

Moore County Writers CompetitionThe epub version is available for free download–perfect for sharing out-of-town relatives and guests. For questions or troubleshooting with your downloadable copy, email the Chair of this year’s competition,  Anna Yeatts.  (

If those who prefer to copy and paste the download link into your browser window, here it is in expanded form:




MCWC 2017 Winners


Grades 1-4

First Place: The New World – Trinity E. Miller

Second Place: Wolf Girl – Ava Chadwick

Third Place: Captain Blood Cell – Ellie Marie Fessenden

Honorable Mention: Matthew – Gavin Freeman

Honorable Mention: The Talking Tree – Ella Catherine Vest

Grades 5-8

First place: A Writer’s Journey – Amy Cooper

Second place: Journey to the End – Lilly Petsolt

Third place: Angel – Zoey Gabrielle Furie

Honorable Mention: The Books: A Book about a Book – Joshua Dorsch

Honorable Mention: In Pixie’s Opinion… – Zoe Wall

Honorable Mention: Captured – Noelle Gilliam

Grades 9-12

First place: The Tainted Shore – Lane Bates

Second place: Beneath the Skin – Gracie Garner

Third place: My Journey – Israel Ramirez


First Place: Dogged – Ellen Marcus

Second place: Table for Eight – Linda Trowe

Third place: It Felt Dark – John Vaughan


Grades 1-4

First Prize: Four Seasons in 11 Days – Rayan Almony

Second Prize: Mikey’s Dream – Kenan Van Scoyoc

Third Prize: The Best Surprise – Presley Chapman

Honorable Mention: I Love My Mom – Juliana Attar

Grades 5-8

First Prize: Suspect On The Loose – Zoe Wall

Second Prize: Full of Cuteness – Alyssa Furie

Third Prize: Why I Like Thanksgiving – Krissa Cheek

Grades 9-12

First Prize: Generations Breached – Austin Kennedy

Second Prize: Dancing With The Guard – Mollie Hussey

Third Prize: Society’s Foundation  – Halden H. Levin

Honorable Mention: Step Outside – Sofia Felicetta


First Prize: Thou Shalt Not Steal – Joseph F. Piper

Second Prize: The Illumined Path – Ally Markotich

Third Prize: My Days With Guillain Barre’ Syndrome – Enrico J Rizzo

Honorable Mention: My Father’s Hands – Penny O’Donnell


Grades 1-4

First Place: War – Kenan Van Scoyoc

Second Place: My Star – Leah M. Johnson

Third Place: Away I Will Go – Sophia Cosmello

Honorable Mention: The Ocean – Mackenzie Bergland

Grades 5-8

First Place: The Prince – Zoey Gabrielle Furie

Second Place: The Willow Tree – Isabelle Klotz

Third Place: Nature’s Treasures – Eli Petry

Honorable Mention: Nature and Me – Alyssa Furie

Honorable Mention: Chocolate Cake – Joshua Dorsch

Grades 9-12

First Place: Come to Me – Lane Bates

Second Place: Dreams – Gabrielle Kinney

Third Place: Little Black Dress – Brianna Brunner

Honorable Mention: Bulletin Board Feeling – Hallie Sampson


First Place: The Weight of Pregnancy – Dani Hall

Second Place: Writing Spider – Lisa M. Voorhees

Third Place: Becoming a Tree – Cory Williams

Honorable Mention: Years Gone By – Ally Markotich


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